The first issue of the new Transactions on and () was published yesterday --- a new Diamond journal. Included is our vision article on the future role and prospective methods of Data Science.

You may create very long filenames in but you cannot delete them afterwards! But don't worry, (Free and Open Source Software) may help you out. Also: !

Dear , it seems your developers are in desperate need of a thorough . I can offer them to participate in my course at 😉 Special classes upon request 🤠

Just learned that my about et al are a "technology-deep-dive' --- I presume, in contrast to "technology-shallow-swimming" ? --- Anyway, always happy to make a difference with my teaching @ Humboldt-Universität zu and Uni .

This week, if you haven't heard, starts the 17th international conference on Analysis . This year the conference is hosted at the University of and we will have several interesting talks. In particular, invited talks by William T. Trotter ( ) and Reinhard Diestel ( )

So this was ... and as usual, no at -- this should be changed in the future @SocNetAnalysts Some people need closure 😉 -- Anyway, it was very nice here in flavored 😀

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